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A complete and comfortable clinic has all the essential hospital medical equipment to ensure the well-being and safety of patients. Regardless of your specialty, keeping an eye on these points allows you to provide the best possible care.

4 hospital medical equipment that cannot be missing in your clinic

Check out the four essential hospital medical equipment for the structure of your clinic:

Electrocardiograph (ECG)

The CMOS DRAKE multi channel electrocardiograph has cutting-edge technology, an intuitive and interactive interface. There are two models to meet the most diverse needs and diagnostic complexities:

MOSES: 5.6″ – 3 channels;

ELISHA: 10″* – 12 channels.

Connectivity is also a strong point of this product as it supports multiple types of output files. In addition, both models have an advanced analysis algorithm that guarantees precision in automatic diagnoses.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

The CMOS DRAKE automatic external defibrillator is a pioneer in Latin America. It guarantees maximum safety and agility in cardiac emergencies, and can be used by lay people, thanks to the ECG reading, automatic treatment determination and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) feedback .

Cardioversion Medical Equipment

CMOS DRAKE has the VIVO Biphasic Cardioverter , the most versatile and robust on the market. It is the most complete solution for your clinic to perform cardioversion, defibrillation and monitoring of vital signs. For this last function, it is the only cardioverter on the market with a laptop screen.

Treatment with this hospital medical equipment can be targeted at different patients because its intelligent system limits the level of electrical charge for indoor and pediatric/neonatal use.

Infusion pump

The CMOS DRAKE Yonah infusion pump is the most complete solution for your clinic. It is possible to perform infusion therapy of medication and enteral and parenteral diet, for adult, pediatric and neonatal use.

It is universal equipment, that is, you can use equipment of any brand, which brings much more versatility and economy to everyday life.

CMOS DRAKE has everything you need to set up a well-equipped clinic. And better: buying direct from the factory it is possible to obtain special conditions. Fill out the form below to speak with one of our salespeople:

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