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Essential hospital equipment

The healthcare sector in all countries affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic must equip themselves to face challenges in various aspects to achieve the required level of assistance for Covid-19 . The adaptation of hospital capacity with the best hospital equipment, in addition to personal protective equipment (PPE), is essential for hospitals in combating pandemic prevention. In this article, we will highlight the role played by hospital equipment and the functions of four of the main items most used by health institutions. Get to know a little more about them, their relevance to the pandemic, and factors to observe when choosing this equipment. Check out.

What is the relevance of essential hospital equipment in the pandemic?

The new coronavirus can evolve, in a considerable part of the cases, to the severe form of the disease, and this is the time when the patient needs to be hospitalized for intensive care. And of these cases, a good part still need more advanced care, it is the patients who need to be admitted to the ICU.

Both hospitalization and ICU, these patients demand, in addition to medical care and adequate medication, assistance, intervention and monitoring through specialized medical equipment to assist in their survival and recovery. For example, a patient who develops respiratory failure will need the Pulmonary Ventilator prominently. But, in addition to this, he will also need a vital signs monitor to monitor his general health conditions, one (or more) infusion pumps, so that sedatives, medicines and food are given, among other hospital equipment essential for his survival. at this most critical moment of the disease.

In other words, medical work can only be carried out successfully with the help of various medical equipment. And, without the best equipment in hand, hospitals and other health institutes cannot effectively perform their work, especially in the period of our most severe and extensive health crisis.

Below, we’ll check out the top four health equipment and see what each one is and how they perform their functions .

Infusion pumps

Infusion pumps bring many benefits to the hospital environment, as they enable the automated management of fluids, such as nutrition and drug infusion, in controlled volumes, in an effective and programmed way. In this way, they play a crucial role in clinical cases in which the patient needs medication at a controlled pace and in cases of more critical and serious patients, such as those in the ICU for example. There are several types of infusion pumps such as enteral infusion pump, insulin pump, patient-controlled analgesia pump, syringe infusion pump, equipment (universal and dedicated), elastomeric infusion pump, peristaltic pump, infusion pump multichannel, among others.

In hospitals and ICUs, the most used models are the equipment pumps, with emphasis on the universal equipment pump , which is the model that allows more versatility and practicality, especially considering the time of a pandemic, in which some manufacturers may suffer from shortages. of material, so it is always good to be able to count on a product that allows universal input. That is, those that you can purchase from different manufacturers. And in the pandemic scenario, the pump is essential to maintain patient comfort and precision and greater effectiveness in treatment.

Multiparameter monitor

Meet the monitor David

The equipment is one of the most used by health professionals to allow the monitoring of the evolution of the health indicators of each patient. When it comes to critically ill patients, or who are in the ICU, the multiparameter monitor is mandatory, and very important to guide the steps of care. Patient monitoring is carried out through sensors and cables that are connected to the patient and provide information that is fundamental to analyze the patient’s condition, the evolution of treatment and intervention results and the need to carry out new interventions. The multiparameter, also known as multiparameter, or vital signs monitor, is essential in the ICU (one of them for each patient), but it can also be used in different sectors, such as: emergency, triage, operating room, recovery, among others.

Lung fan

The pulmonary ventilator is essential for the treatment of patients with respiratory failure and is the main hospital equipment in the treatment of patients with severe cases of Covid-19, since the disease causes great breathing difficulties, due to the new coronavirus (Sars-19). CoV-2). The ventilator, also known as a respirator, is able to manage the flow of air in and out of patients’ lungs, controlling the exchange of gases used and the volume of oxygen.

When it comes to Covid-19, the pulmonary ventilator helps to keep the patient alive, which would be much more difficult to do without the equipment, since the increase in the level of respiratory fatigue linked to the drop in oxygenation could result in failure of the organs and early death of the patient. The Ventilator can be in different sectors of the hospital, but advanced models, such as the RUAH ventilator, for example, they are the most suitable for ICUs in the treatment of critically ill patients, as they have different modes of ventilation, allow both invasive and non-invasive ventilation, and because they are able to follow the patient’s change of status and recovery, all in a single device.


The device called electrocardiograph records the speed and amount of heart beats by capturing the heart’s electrical exercises and converting the information into graphics that are later evaluated by a cardiologist. The electrocardiograph is generally used to evaluate patients who have suffered heart damage, are at risk of heart disease, or have some symptoms that may have been caused by a number of heart problems, as is the case with many patients afflicted with covid. , which can also have the heart and circulatory system compromised due to the worsening of the disease.

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